Frecuently asked questions

Below find a list of the most common questions we have been asked by users until now.

Don't hesitate to ask us directly via our contact-form if you don't find what you are looking for. You are also welcome to send us any kind of feedback.

Regarding the app:

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fold faq Why do some notifications come with a sound - and others not?

By default, notifications containing a "WARN" or "FAIL" status will play a sound.

There will be a slight disruptive *boing* when something goes down to "fail" or into a "warn" state... and a discreet *ping* when it comes back to work.

You may change the level of notification and if it comes silent or with sound individually for every single check within its configuration.

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fold faq How can I get rid of the notification sound?

To disable the sound notifications, please go to the settings menu of your device. 

In the notification section, search for the miServer app and select it. Here you can change the behaviour of the notifications, for example disable the alarm sound. 

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Regarding the checks

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fold faq Do I need to configure anything on my server's side?


All data we are looking up and all services we are checking have to be publicly available and accessible to all internet. 

For example: Everyone who wants to send you an email, first has to get the list of your nameservers - then he has to ask one of them what your mailserver is and what its IP is - and finally connect to it, before he may deliver the mail to you.

If one of these elements in the chain fails or is not available, you have a problem. You cannot receive mail or your webserver is not reachable.

We offer additional checks in our "individual" section for checking internal server parameters like the disk usage or the processor load. These rely on some server software that needs to be installed and configured. We will clarify this with you, when needed.

fold faq Does the target of a DNS check need to be a hostname or a domain?

You should specify a complete hostname as the target of the DNS check.

The domain is extracted internally from it - but later we use the specified hostname to check your nameservers.

Of course - when you just use your domain as a hostname (without "www."), the target will be the domain.

fold faq Can I define a pattern for the web check that has to appear on the page?


We thought about this, but decided to not look at the content we receive from your site. We only look at the final status that we receive from your webserver.

If you are programmer and want to check your website more in depth, we recommend you to create some kind of self-test URL (where you check your database connection or whatever you want) and configure this as the target URL for our checks. You should return a HTTP 200 - OK or some 40x - ERROR status.

fold faq What is a LAME Nameserver and why do I get warnings about it?

Every internet domain is registered with a list of corresponding ("authoritative") nameservers. Usualy every domain has 2-4 nameservers that may be asked by the internet clients to resolve your hostname and receive the IP address of your server.

If one of these nameservers in the list is not even configured to serve your domain, you have a so called "LAME nameserver". The client will get no answer and will ask another nameserver.

This is not really a big problem, but some internet users will have an annoying delay when they first connect to your site.

Most typically, this happens when there is some misconfiguration within your domain data, especially after moving to another provider and forgetting to remove the old nameserver-entries from your domain record.

You should check your domain data wherever you have registered your domain.

If you just want to get rid of this alarm, you may go to the "Check Details" of the DNS check and disable the nameserver in question.

fold faq I get an error "too many redirections" in the web check

Our web check follows up to 5 redirections and then shows an error. We strongly recommend you to change the URL of the web check to something that points directly to your webpage.

fold faq My first mailserver permanently shows up FAIL but everything is working fine

It is possible that your mail provider is using "Nolisting" to reduce the amount of spam mails.

The meaning of this trick is to have a primary but broken mailserver for a domain - in anticipation that all normal and correct internet mailers will pass automatically to the secondary mailserver that will accept your mail correctly.

It means that there is probably no problem. You may disable the first, broken mailserver within the "Check Details" of the mail check and you will not see this warning any more.

fold faq What about internal server checks?

coming soon...

(We have an adapter to the nrpe (nagios-clients)-checks in beta and will be able to offer internal checks like for disk-usage or server-load very soon)